About us

Initiate Media is a leading independent Christian media company, operating in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. As a non-denominational organization, we seek to make God famous – and relevant – throughout the world.

Initiate Media produces a range of media products and services to achieve our vision. Our staff are based across four countries and are all focused on our goal of producing ‘world’s-best’ media, with the aim of spreading the word of God globally.

Our history

Initiate Media came into existence in May 2003 under the previous name of Media Incorp. Media Incorp acquired what was at that time Australia’s leading non-denominational Christian magazine, Alive magazine. This was quickly followed up with the acquisition of Christian Woman magazine, the acquisition of the Christian Business Directory, owned and published by Hillsong, and with a further strong of acquisitions and launches, quickly became the southern hemisphere’s leading Christian publisher.

The future

Over the years we have developed a range of print and digital media products, successfully navigating the difficult transition from being a print-based publishing company, into becoming a well balanced print and digital media company. Thanks to our committed staff, who have worked tirelessly to re-create our business model, what awaits the company is an exciting future.

The Internet, including technology like iPads and ebooks, has given media companies the opportunity to open up new markets and areas that were once not possible. With the team we have, coupled with our knowledge and experience in both print and online media, the future has never looked brighter.

From humble beginnings, a one-magazine operation has grown into a multi-faceted, multi-national organization, leading the way in Christian media. And we look forward to continuing to leverage cutting-edge technology to make the name of God famous throughout the world for decades to come.