The power of doing business in an unconvential way…

“Too many people just accept the status quo. They run with the crowd, they go with the flow. But I believe it is your job to swim upstream; not to listen and believe everything you are told. To dream a big dream, an impossible dream, and then work with God on how the two of you are going to bring it to pass. We need to think outside the square, to find another way. There is always another way, and it’s your job to dig and find it.”

NOT Business As Usual is a business book and an autobiography, wrapped into one. Matt Danswan, the founder and CEO of Initiate Media, a global Christian media and advertising company, shares his personal story of his business path, and the God lessons learned along the way.

NOT Business As Usual is not your textbook-style business book, but rather focused on helping Christians in business – as well as anyone who wants to achieve something great – find the ‘God way’ for their life. So if you’re looking for a different perspective on doing business or life, then NOT Business As Usual is a must-read book that may just change your life.

“NOT Business As Usual” perfectly describes Matt Danswan and his approach to life and business. As long as I’ve known Matt I’ve seen him display out-of-the-box thinking, mixed with God-seeking wisdom and as a result he and his amazing wife / business partner Nicole have built not only a great business, but also enviable lives. He and Nicole live well balanced, Christ-centered lives and are great examples of Christians who choose to succeed in all they do and be blessings to all they meet.

I believe this book will be a great blessing to anyone called into business and those seeking an alternative to the ‘cookie cutter’ business models employed by most.

Christian McCudden – Lead Pastor, C3 Noosa