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Initiate Media announces JV

FAITH NEWSWIRE – Initiate Media has announced a joint venture for the popular website is an international community of house swappers located all around the world. has been in the marketplace since 2007. The website was originally started as a result of dissatisfaction with the cost of traditional accommodation, the prohibitive costs of travel making holidays difficult for many people. provides an alternative form of travel where friendly local and international travelers swap homes to enjoy free accommodation. Dave Utting, Managing Director of Pack Your Bags, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Initiate Media to further build what we have started with

“There is tremendous potential for this site, and so by partnering with a media company that speaks to a broad market, we can share this services out to a much greater number of people in the Christian marketplace.” is a joint venture between Initiate Media, a leading global Christian media company, and Pack Your Bags, an online travel company. Both organizations will also shortly be launching, a global site connecting Christians looking for like-minded house-sitting services.

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Ark House launches pastor book publishing division

FAITH NEWSWIRE – Global Christian book publisher Ark House Press has recently launched a new pastor publishing initiative.

Ark House Pastor Publishing is specifically aimed at pastors and speakers who have the platform for selling books as they speak, but want to avoid the costs and headache of lugging books all over their nation, or the world.

Just a few short years ago, the model for pastors as authors was to pay to print larger quantities in a country like China, and then have stock on hand to sell where the pastor was speaking. But with the costs of shipping books, carrying them on airlines, as well as to other countries, it quickly became apparent that the logistics outweighed the benefits.

Matt Danswan, CEO of Initiate Media, said: “With the advent of digital printing, printing short runs of books and having them shipped to where authors are speaking is the new model.

‘This used to be too expensive to achieve, but in this day and age, and with the volume of book printing we do at Ark House, we have been able to secure pricing low enough to make this entirely possible for pastors.

“Ark House offers its authors the full gamut of publishing services, but at the same time does not acquire the rights to a title. So pastors and speakers get all of our benefits, including global distribution, but at the same time they are not locked into a contract.”

Ark House prints in key locations around the world, including the US, UK, Singapore, India, South Africa and Australia, which then also services New Zealand.

So no matter where pastors reside, or are traveling to, stock is printed in the local market, as well as being delivered direct to venues.

“One of the great benefits to our authors also is the fact that authors’ books carry the Ark House imprint, which is a recognized, respected Christian publishing house,” Mr Danswan commented.

“And as our company supplies full e-book files as well, our pastors get all the benefits of being with a quality publishing house, but without signing away their rights.”

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Initiate Media re-launches Initiate Agency

FAITH NEWSWIRE – One of the world’s leading Christian media companies has re-launched its creative agency for the Christian market.

Initiate Agency is the new agency of Initiate Media, publishers of My Christian Daily, among other media assets. Initiate Agency was launched with the sole aim of helping Christian organizations with a range of digital services.

Nicole Danswan, Art Director of Initiate Media, as well as Initiate Agency, said: “Over the years we have both developed and acquired a range of Christian products and services companies to help create a dynamic Christian marketplace.

“All of our own company’s work has been done in-house under our immensely skilful team, and now we feel it is the time to make our talented team available to the greater Christian marketplace.

“I am of the belief that many Christian organizations have the right message, but don’t package the message with the design required to engage their marketplace. In this competitive day and age, we need more than just a great message; we need to present it in a way that people will be open to it.

“So all good communication in any organization starts with exceptional design. Every website we own, every Ark House book we have published, every magazine we own and edition published have all designed by our team and under my leadership.

“The future is online, and many Christian organizations just don’t know who to partner with to really build a solid branding and subsequent digital presence. We aim to fill that gap.”

Initiate Agency will also utilize the executive team on hand at Initiate Media, with Ray Curle heading up the Agency as Business Development Manager.

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Christian Woman and Ark House launch Christian Woman Publishing Program

FAITH NEWSWIRE – Initiate Media’s global book publishing imprint Ark House Press has partnered with Christian Woman magazine to develop new Christian authors.

The Christian Woman Publishing Program is specifically designed to help mom bloggers and Christian women in general who have written a book to get into the marketplace.

Matt Danswan, CEO of Initiate Media, the parent company of both Ark House and Christian Woman, recently said, “The synergies between Christian Woman’s readers and Ark House are closer than we realized.

“Firstly, women generally have much bigger networks than their male counterparts. Secondly, from research we have recently completed, there is a record number of women wanting to or have written books. Essentially we are joining the dots between our readers and their desire to get their book in the marketplace.

“And what makes Ark House unique is that we are a boutique publisher, with a solid name as a book publisher. So our authors are backed by a solid book publishing imprint as they enter the market. ”

Christian Woman is a leading destination for Christian women. Its popular website and digital magazine make Christian Woman a sought-after website.

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Channel C Extra on-demand movie platform launches

FAITH NEWSWIRE – On-demand TV company Channel C has announced the launch of a new video on demand movie platform.

Channel C Extra is a joint venture with Heritage HM, a global distributor of faith-based movies. Rod Hopping, Heritage HM Managing Director said, “We are so happy to partner with Initiate Media and their Channel C project to launch Channel C Extra.

“With Initiate Media’s traffic and Channel C brand, coupled with our extensive collection of faith-based films, this is a smart, strategic partnership. We are really looking forward to seeing where this ends up.

Matt Danswan, CEO of Initiate Media, said: “We have enormous respect for the team at Heritage HM, and together we hope to develop a Netflix-style platform for the faith film market.

“Their commitment to spreading the word via film is inspiring, and together we see a great future in online movie streaming.”

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Channel C launches new Ministry TV and Podcasting platform

FAITH NEWSWIRE – On-demand Christian TV channel Channel C has re-launched a new ministry streaming and podcasting platform.

Benjamin Hughes, Operations Manager, said, “Getting a stable platform that covers both TV and podcasting has been quote a challenge, but we are really happy with the platform we have selected for our partner ministries.

“Channel C is essentially a marketing platform for ministries that already produce their own podcast or film their own weekly sermons, or at very worst intend to. In this Digital Age it is possible for a small church to reach a global market, and Channel C helps both churches and ministries to achieve this.

“As we have a separate post production business in place, we can also help those ministries that can manage the recording process, but not the post production necessary to make their podcast or ministry TV polished.

Channel C is a leading on-demand TV, ministry TV and podcasting website. It specializes in broadcasting TV and podcasting to Christians worldwide.

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