Banner advertising is still one of the most effective forms of online advertising. The process is simple: people are both surfing to websites and reading articles, and they are also seeing article links from social media.

In our instance, thousands of people are reading our articles every day, meaning that as they do, they are trawling past advertisements for a range of products and services. By using banners, you’re only a click away from people linking to your website, or to a page you specify to promote what it is you’re offering.

Plus you’re on trusted websites, run by one of the world’s leading Christian media companies. Our banners run for a calendar month. We do not charge a fee per impression, as we believe that, while banners are about getting clicks to your website, they are also about branding, and a 30 day period of exposure means that you’re getting the chance to cement your brand in the mind of consumers. This is a key feature of marketing an organization that sadly many do not understand.

Below is a snapshot of the markets you are targeting when you book banners: – News readers and general interest. 60/40 male/female readership. The perfect place for general exposure to the greater Christian marketplace. – getting you access to the most important consumer in the Christian marketplace – the decision-maker. – giving you access to parents, specifically mothers. – access to pastors and church leaders. – access to Christian business owners and managerss. – access to 18-34 year-old active Christians. – access to Christian music fans.