Initiate Agency was actually created by our clients. Well, more to the point, for our clients…

With so many clients requesting help with their advertising, re-branding and website development, it was a natural fit to share our creative talents with the Christian world.

Initiate Agency was launched, and now a major part of our business is working with other Christian organizations to manage their creative for them. In fact, take a look at any of our websites or creative, and the work was performed by our team. The team that creates our work creates yours!

Our team can manage all manner of creative needs. Whether it’s designing your advertising, your website, or even your latest app, we work with many organizations who are not advertisers of ours. You don’t need to be an advertiser to engage our team. We’re happy to help you with creative – without you needing to engage with any of our advertising services.

If you have a creative need, and you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective option for putting it all together, please talk to us. We are always happy to have a no-obligation discussion surrounding your needs.