Our search websites are about connecting the Christian community. By creating large, vibrant sites, full of options for the Christian marketplace, not only do we bring our search advertisers business, but we also create a great community for the Christian marketplace.

Search advertising is by far the cheapest form of advertising. We have three key websites:

whichchristian.com.au (Australia only)

findaChristian is our global directory website. It is just $39.99 per year to list your school, college, mission, business, or camp, and the site is heavily promoted across our web network.

whichchristian.com.au is the equivalent of findaChristian.co, but it is strictly for the Australian market. whichchristian.com.au has been in the market for 20 years.

My Christian Daily Jobs is the world’s Christian job board. It is free to list your jobs, as our goal is to create a big, robust website with lots of employment opportunities. This website is just being re-developed at present to add a number of features and will be live again shortly.