Are you starting or running a business?

Initiate Media is a unique company in that while we have a heart to spread the Word, we have always felt like business people called into the kingdom, as opposed to ministry people trying to run a business.

Accordingly, creating a dynamic business marketplace for the hundreds of thousands of Christian owned businesses across the world is a key vision of ours.

This started when we acquired the Christian Business Directory from Hillsong some 12 years ago, as well as its new Zealand equivalent, Christian contact. We have a database of some 15,000 Christian owned businesses.

Through Initiate Small Business, we have a range of products and services to help Christians in business. We are also just a stroke away of launching our free business directory, and we have two websites with editorial content to help Christians in business:

So connect with us today, and let us not only help you advertise your business, but get access to quality content that will help you build a successful business.