Creating the world’s most dynamic Christian book publishing business

Initiate Media’s Ark House Press has been in business for 17 years, with one key commitment: to help as many authors get into the market as is possible.

Ark House is fast becoming one of the world’s major Christian publishing houses, with a unique place in the publishing market that allows us to work with both established and up and coming authors.

We either offer full publishing contracts, or for authors who have a great book, but just lack the platform and public profile necessary to secure a full publishing contract, we have a co-publishing division, where we partner with such authors to still give them global distribution –and a strong imprint on their book.

This issue with this is that as an author, carrying a self publishing imprint is not awesome for your credibility. Readers – and family, friends and pastors – do check out your publishing house, as it is of great interest to people who your publisher in fact is. Does your book carry a strong brand, which adds additional credibility to you as an author, or will people check out your publisher and immediately feel deflated?

For authors that do not fit our criteria, or are wanting to self publish, but need help with various aspects of bringing their book together, we also have our Author Now division. This is designed to just provide help where an author has gaps in their skills.

Finally, our Ghost Publishing division works with pastors and speakers who want to publish under their brand, but need the skills of a publishing house to back-end the entire procedure for them.

Our goal is to see the maximum number of Christian books in the market, which is then spreading the Word of God throughout the earth. Books are powerful and allow people to connect with a message of faith on a very personal level. So if you have a book idea, or you’re looking for a publisher, we’d love to initiate a discussion with you.