Looking for a partner for the faith market?

Initiate Media has strategically positioned itself in the marketplace as a company that is not only committed to producing high quality Christian media content, but we are also committed to developing products and services for the Christian market.

Having said that, we are a 100% Christian owned and operated company, with one goal: to spread the Word of God across the globe. In building a vast company, our vision and focus is to create a group of companies that serve our marketplace.

Launching a new product into any marketplace is a tough ask, and the Christian market is no exception. In fact, it is probably even tougher as it is not an easily defined market to access. Being a little more conservative, it is also a market that prefers years of trust over what is shiny and new. However, over the last 18 years, we have worked exceptionally hard to build out a massive database of contacts across the globe – as well as a lot of goodwill and credibility.

Our footprint means it is that much easier for us to launch products and services and thus see a faster return on investment.

In partnering with Christian entrepreneurs who may have a great product or service, but want to position it inside a company with more size and scope, we are open to discussions with like-minded individuals who have a great idea – or a product already in the market – but want a partner to help them grow.

With our own creative agency, as well as decades of business experience, we are well versed to add new products into our business model.

So if you have an existing product or service, or an idea, we are more than open to discussing this with you. Feel free to contact us and we can initiate a confidential discussion.